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me my friends and hole lot of nothing els

2009-08-03 06:43:38 by amonkeyonfire

everyone welcome Leedove to my ever growing line of newground friends she sorta got a free pass seeing that she was a friend of my friends which makes her my friend as well...following? allso heres a list of all my other friends:


*note* do not ask to become my friend i cursor pick my friends depending on how awesome thay are so dont ask...unless you really think you have a chance :P

in friend news Dslash is STILL doing some avatars and images for me Danicos may not be online for some time thanks to a bit of Duiliath style bad computer luck Tyler is fine and andrewboy has left newgrounds for good thanks to haters (please go to his page and CHEER him up allso vote 5/5 on some of his stuff)

in amonkeyonfire news im still waiting on dslash for my kick ass avatar pics not like i been pestering the dude just that hes takeing so damn long...guess you cant rush good yeah sick of waiting i put my crappy paint skills to the test and shat out the lovely crap you can see at the side of the page im sorry if it makes you puke....

allso in my computer news im still fighting the ever lasting battle with my computer if it isnt a program going wrong its a virus if it isnt a virus its just plain acting up but with the help of avg and spy bot and some computer-know-how i can keep it running! i mean have been for like 5 years! why would it pick now to kick the bucket?

*update* just one day after posting this my internet couldnt connect for 3 days but after messing with it and shout at it i got it working again! (well as working as its gonna get just a matter of time till it comes up with something new....) *update*

and heres a picture of me! cos you all love it that much....or me....

me my friends and hole lot of nothing els


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2009-08-03 09:07:11

thanks, I think I've started my own type of eyes and I love them

amonkeyonfire responds:

sharp dagger like eye balls


2009-08-03 15:49:24

plaeased to meat your equantince monkey

amonkeyonfire responds:

you what my equantince? whoa! keep you meat off my equantince!


2009-08-04 10:36:20

...Take the shades off. :3

amonkeyonfire responds:

maybe later... ;D


2009-08-04 13:26:12


amonkeyonfire responds:

hey dude


2009-08-05 06:07:51

your grandma is a whore

amonkeyonfire responds:

you just keep paying her the money you do and we wont have any problems


2009-08-08 14:54:02


amonkeyonfire responds:

on waffles? HELL YEAH!


2009-08-13 17:03:41

lolful, nice pic by the way.

amonkeyonfire responds:

which one the logo or me? (im guessing me right?)


2009-08-14 00:07:23

Gah Monkey! get back in your cage.
Ohithere! thanks for the comment.

amonkeyonfire responds:

no not the cage! not again! i dont care how awesome your name is!


2009-08-14 04:06:14

i comment here again

amonkeyonfire responds:

thanks! just adds another to the comment count!


2009-08-15 08:48:39

Thanks, I got it from Mikew114 LOL I have the whole set!

amonkeyonfire responds:

awesome....hole set of what? banners? or invader zim episodes?


2009-08-16 15:35:42


amonkeyonfire responds:

boy ha-ha! (micky mouse)


2009-08-16 22:25:28

you seem quite cool

amonkeyonfire responds:

thanks man you too ^_^


2009-08-17 17:37:07


amonkeyonfire responds:

O RLY?!?!?!


2009-08-18 18:21:50

What avatar picture? I'll be able to tell you if I new what picture you were talking about.

amonkeyonfire responds:

the one at the side of the page...


2009-08-18 20:41:18

COOL!! you knw my sister, leedove ^_^
i know
danicos and dslash too!
kick ass !!

amonkeyonfire responds:



2009-08-18 21:37:26

yar, I saw you commented on my page
I rarely get many comments because I make
a new new's post like every week.

Can you do any flash, Just wondering.
Thanks for the comment dude.

amonkeyonfire responds:

i tryed and was pritty good at it for a noob but my computer fired up *OH HELL NO!" mode and started to spaz out


2009-08-18 23:16:39


amonkeyonfire responds:

what?? O.o


2009-08-19 03:41:36

wheres that isle??

amonkeyonfire responds:

right at the bottom of england


2009-08-19 07:20:34

I like the clouds in the background of the photo... what? Is that a weird thing to say? I don't care I'm going to say it anyway.

amonkeyonfire responds:

well thay are tasty


2009-08-19 12:13:52

yar, I was wondering that because we
need more people at this flash site, but
if you ever get into flash again or have
a lot of time to kill you can join lol ndex.php

So what do you mean by oh hell no mode

amonkeyonfire responds:

meaning when ever i download something new my computer says OH NO YOU DIDNT! and starts to spazz out with random little things


2009-08-19 23:13:44

well tahts ghey lol. any Idea what the problem is?

amonkeyonfire responds:

its gone though to meany virus's, problems, and programs in its five years...i guess its just old age? can computers have old age? O.o

...allso for the first two years i didnt know what the fuck i was doing and messed it up pritty bad