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2009-12-24 07:42:53 by amonkeyonfire

MERRY CHRISTMASS! (and fuck anyone who dosnt celebrate it!) i didnt know what to get you all so im going to put a picture of my cat up....


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2009-12-24 11:34:23

Merry Christmas!
Yeah, just likes extra money in her pocket.

Thank you very much!
I'm working on Christmas gifts myself, but sadly I can't get them out till this Saturday.

amonkeyonfire responds:

youre sending me a christmass press?!?! =D i live all the way in england you know so it might cost a bundle i got £40 allready so il try and top it XD then again itll cost me that much to get the smallest of things over there!


2010-01-01 01:43:35

WHERE'S THE CAT!!!?!?!?!?!?!?! >=[

amonkeyonfire responds:

im trying but my computers acting up again with my phone...


2010-01-06 01:50:52

the ex-hobo cat...

amonkeyonfire responds:

lol hobo cat! XD


2010-01-27 20:52:43