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i cant wait any longer!

2009-06-17 13:39:33 by amonkeyonfire

anyone who has played bioshock will know how awesome it is bioshock mixes artistic styles with scary and heart stopping moments and even pulls at your heart strings a bit but most importantly ACTION! with weapons like shotguns and grenade launchers and plasmids that allow you to shoot fire from your finger tips and other awesome powers bioshock also has a depth story line plot twist and awesome characters like my favorite Sander Cohen bioshock is truly one of the most awesome games ever made!

and if you don't already own it you should jump out your window steal a car (if you don't already own one) drive down as fast as you can with out stoping (unless you crash...just steal another) to your nearest game store and buy it get back in your car drive back to your house ram it through the wall (faster than the door) and put it in your ps3/360/pc or what ever and play it! NOW! if you do already own it then good for you!

but wait theres moar! if bioshock wasnt enough the is going to be a bioshock 2 that i have been waiting now for what feels like forever! it should be comeing out on the 30th of october the year for the UK intill then theres just videos and teaser websites like these have fun!

teaser trailer!

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gameplay trailer called hunting the big sister!

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allso a little tease site for bioshock fans out there:

allso please try and watch the video before commenting unless you really dont want too

i cant wait any longer!

holy crap ng?!?!? allso some awesome youtube vids

2009-05-09 06:08:33 by amonkeyonfire

ok i have been playing a little game where you click on someones user name and leave a comment then click the user name of the top comment and do the same so i have seen loads of user pages from haters to troll leaders and nutjobs but now and again i come across some real gems like this guys story
allmost brings a tear to my eye!

allso the only other website that i like other than newgrounds is you tube and being a hard core gamer i like gameing videos NO not walkthroughs and boring shit like that but funny ones like this! 1X70

by machinima 8ymI


by thepope101

and this! zE90

by machinima

review responses

2009-01-03 11:17:14 by amonkeyonfire

even throw i have only been on newgrounds for a short time i have already got 2 responses from two very well known animators Adam Phillips (chluaid) maker of the brackenwood series and yotam perel (lazymuffin) maker of the nameless series i am truly honored

allso heres a list of other people that have taken the time to responed to my reviews



jp neufeld (rig)

geoff galt

thanks guys!

well i downloadeded flash!

2008-07-12 17:45:55 by amonkeyonfire

ok i have downloaded the 30 day trial but its only for practice so don't be expecting any animation from me i have found out something throw...I'm really good at it...well for a noob and once the 30 day trial is over i will download the full version err but sadly i don't have 1.million golds lying around so were can i download it for free??