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2010-02-19 08:51:57 by amonkeyonfire

ITS OUT! i forgot to do a header but im comeing up with a better upto date logo... in the mean time heres a bioshock 2 trailer...

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2009-12-24 07:42:53 by amonkeyonfire

MERRY CHRISTMASS! (and fuck anyone who dosnt celebrate it!) i didnt know what to get you all so im going to put a picture of my cat up....


2009-11-22 05:52:31 by amonkeyonfire

woot! im back! sorry guys and girls but my computer died and i had too fix it via awesomeness and skill but mostly awesomeness anyway did i miss anything?

after wipeing everything on my computer and then downloading only the programs it came with the day i got it (5 years ago) it now works faster than ever! hmm what to do what to do?
[endtion of updatetion]

happy allmost halloween!

2009-10-25 05:32:01 by amonkeyonfire

ahhh halloween the only time of the year you can run around with a blood stained hockey mask or dressed up as muhhamed and get chocolate for it! so too celebrate this awesome holiday i made these

oh and ps: im going as yo mamma!

happy allmost halloween!

we found a cat! (or it found us)

2009-09-24 09:06:03 by amonkeyonfire

my back garden has two old sofas (cos we cept puting off sending them to the skip) sometimes i like to sit on them (thay seem to survive mother nature without going all moldy and horrible so its ok) till we found a small cute but skinny looking cat sitting on one of them! so we tryed to make it go away but it seemed afraid and ran into the house! once my mum had hold of the frightened thing it went vicious on us (not its falt it was scared at the time) so now its in the back garden and wont leave...

what should we do?

we are going to look to see if it has or had owners that would like it back
we have fed it...
and we have put some water out for it and made a bed useing a plastic box and a blanket
we have cept it!

we named her fire! :3
[end update]

[update two]
on a scale of one too ten how sad is it to make your cat a newgrounds account?
cos i did -_- heres the account: akittyonfire
[end update two]

we found a cat! (or it found us)


2009-09-22 04:36:32 by amonkeyonfire

oh ho ho ho! guess what i got for you guys! yup you guessed it (i think) AN AWESOME WELL PAINTED PAINT PICTURE! ....MONKEY LOGO THING!

have a hank-tastic madness day!


logo's, friend's,games,and me!

2009-08-20 08:31:50 by amonkeyonfire

ok my last post has now reached the 20 comments mark and is pritty much old news (as if it was news anyway) but the really isnt anything going on soooo....heres a list of games and friends and maybe some news if i find any and feel like shareing

i own a ps3 (take cover!) and heres all the ps3 games i have in order of favorite:

2)Fallout 3
3)Prince of Persia
4)Ratchet & Clank:Tools of Destruction
5)grand theft auto IV
6)Resistance 2

these are all links too the official sites for the game it tuck me a long time to do these so please comment and click on one or six (number three has a awesome intro ;D)

newgrounds friends list:

1)Dslash (gone)
4)Andrewboy895 (gone)

big thanks to 007Nineone for mentioning me in his post for allmost winning his contest!

its finished the amonkeyonfire logo is done! but still feel free to send me any amof style art work and il post it up here with you fully credited and a link to your account page! just send me a pm! allso keep an eye on my page on halloween and other hoildays as i will be posting diffrent versions of the logo i allready have the christmas and halloween theme sorted! oh and if you want to see a picture of me just head over to the last post!

logo's, friend's,games,and me!

me my friends and hole lot of nothing els

2009-08-03 06:43:38 by amonkeyonfire

everyone welcome Leedove to my ever growing line of newground friends she sorta got a free pass seeing that she was a friend of my friends which makes her my friend as well...following? allso heres a list of all my other friends:


*note* do not ask to become my friend i cursor pick my friends depending on how awesome thay are so dont ask...unless you really think you have a chance :P

in friend news Dslash is STILL doing some avatars and images for me Danicos may not be online for some time thanks to a bit of Duiliath style bad computer luck Tyler is fine and andrewboy has left newgrounds for good thanks to haters (please go to his page and CHEER him up allso vote 5/5 on some of his stuff)

in amonkeyonfire news im still waiting on dslash for my kick ass avatar pics not like i been pestering the dude just that hes takeing so damn long...guess you cant rush good yeah sick of waiting i put my crappy paint skills to the test and shat out the lovely crap you can see at the side of the page im sorry if it makes you puke....

allso in my computer news im still fighting the ever lasting battle with my computer if it isnt a program going wrong its a virus if it isnt a virus its just plain acting up but with the help of avg and spy bot and some computer-know-how i can keep it running! i mean have been for like 5 years! why would it pick now to kick the bucket?

*update* just one day after posting this my internet couldnt connect for 3 days but after messing with it and shout at it i got it working again! (well as working as its gonna get just a matter of time till it comes up with something new....) *update*

and heres a picture of me! cos you all love it that much....or me....

me my friends and hole lot of nothing els

back from D.O.E and stuff

2009-07-10 10:52:16 by amonkeyonfire

well im back from my D.O.E in the isle of wight and it was awesome! the walk was mostly coastal with most of the path now gone thanks to coastal erosion so we had to go inland for some of it we did 30 something miles which is about half of the isle of wight...after two days of walking we had finished so for a day we did speed boating and surving heres how the trip went:

day 1: mostly driveing down to the boat to take us across and geting settled into this crapy little caravan site

day 2: went from sandown too blackgang chine theme park (lol black-gang) the theme park looked rubbish and we never went in

day 3: went from blackgang too freshwater which was the end of the walk and about 30 miles

day 4: went swimming in the sea and speed boating to the needles and surving allso found out that i love reggae reggae sauce

day 5: packed up got back on bus got boat back to the iland i love and got home...very tied...

in other news im am so sick of wacko jacko now his face is all over the papers and takeing up like 3 pages and radios still seem to be playing his songs over and over again...give it a rest!! omg!!!

*update* just got over a bug that made me puke for a day and feel like crap for a week seemed to have good timeing too seemed to know when it was 4 am to it could get me out of bed and into the toilet bowl

allso dslash is doing some avatars for me thanks man!

picture of me in the isle of wight

back from D.O.E and stuff

well where do i start?....

2009-06-27 08:30:00 by amonkeyonfire

well im now runing a virus scan with AVG cos some how i got a few nasty virus's (all ways use a condom with programs you dont know!) it started out with just the annoying google redirect virus that sends me not to nasty porn sites and to ads about crap im never gonna buy but to some assholes youtube profile with a bunch of people commenting on how much thay hate him for makeing the virus redirect them!! if this wasnt bad anough i was so stupid and annoyed i downloaded a fake virus scanner called spy hunter witch then gave me more virus's i have managed to get rid off most of them with spybot search & destroy (witch i renamed virus raper dont ask...) so now i have to wait till see what avg finds (as if my 5 yr old computer wasnt slow anough)

in other news i have now made some online friends starting with dslash and andrewboy dslash is a skilled artist and andrewboy is a skilled music makeing person this is the way it happend i sent an e-mail to dslash about noobs who steal his work and he sent me back a list of these asswipes back to me at the top was andrewboy so i went and made a bad comment on his post and voted 0/5 on everything he had he has now said sorry and where all friends....note:DO NOT STEAL DSLASH'S WORK!

anyway im now hunting for people who make bad reviews and flashs so i can get my whistle status up along with my lvl and blam n protect so if you know any angry spam like people who love to flood the portal with crap please tell me i am allso blaming my way through the portal unless a flash is really good cos im sick of the amount of crap that gets through dose anyone even watch the flashs anymore??? im mean look at my B&P points! like 70 protects to 30 blams!!!!

ALLSO looks like wacko jacko is moon walking in heaven now i never really liked him anyway you know him being a nutjob kiddy toucher and all so here are some jokes that have started since he has died please take these in good humor and post your own jokes if you have any

1) i heard thay melted him down into a kids can go down on him!!!
2) i think thay should turn him into a bag....plastic,white and dangerus for kids to play with!

anyhoo last one now ( i REALLY have stop typeing so much) im going to DOE next week to the isle of wight for bikeing and walking and going up stuff and awesome things like that so i wont be on for monday to friday allso heres a little picture i drew up tuke me a while so be nice ^_^

well where do i start?....